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We offer professional driving instruction in and around the Tunbridge Wells areas. As an independent  instructor, David will individually tailor lessons to suit you. We can collect you from your work, school or college, whatever suits you. You will learn to drive in a relaxed and safe atmosphere, helping you to enjoy your learner driving experience.

We offer different types of lessons, standard hourly lessons to help you pass your driving test, intensive course, refresher lessons and Motorways.

The DSA say that the average person takes 45 hours of professional lessons if you paid only £25 ph that’s £1,125 plus tests and extra practice.

If you paid an instructor who plans for you to pass as soon as you can, hopefully before 35 hours at £30 ph you would save £75 and 10 hours which could be 10 weeks!

If you think the cost is high, please take our rates then take off petrol, insurance, car maintenance, and many other costs including travelling between lessons when not getting paid and hopefully you will see that what we and many other dedicated instructors charge is exceptionally good value for passing on such a valuable skill that should last a lifetime.

For some people just 20 – 30 hours is enough!

The length of our  lessons can be tailored to suit you. If you want to learn to drive, then please enquire about the latest  discounts. Please visit our prices page for information on costs.


Driving Lessons

We have a very flexible approach because everyone is different, very willing to give 1 hour lessons but really feel 2-4 hours at a time will help you progress better, talk to us about intensive fast pass courses. For more information about our prices, please visit our prices page, or contact us to make a booking.



10, 15, 20, and 30 hours depending on your experience and each individual, if you have a need or desire to learn to drive by a particular date or are just very keen, please email us about availability and prices.
4 – 6 hours a day is normally enough per day for most people! I am sure we can work something out that will work.


Refresher Lessons

Did you take your test some time ago? Not driven for a long while? Just lacking a bit of confidence? Whatever the reason we are very happy to help, a couple of hours developing your skills could make all the difference, your car or ours we don’t mind.


This is a special 2 hour lesson with the intentions of pointing out the vast differences between motorway driving and normal driving, will help build confidence to help you make the most of these useful roads

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