Terms and Conditions

All students must have a signed U.K. Provisional Driving Licence for Group ‘B’ cars at the start of lessons and should produce this at the start of the first lesson.

Insurance – fees include cover for the student whilst driving a Skills4Driving vehicle, whilst accompanied by or under the instruction of an A.D.I, or whilst taking a driving test with an approved DVSA Examiner (as long as the student is licensed to drive).

Fees – Manual lessons are charged at £30 per hour and Automatic lessons are charged at £35 per hour. Advanced payment options are available and we occasionally offer discounts, please check out our website for details of prices and discounts available.

Payments – Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer, if paying by bank transfer payment should be received in our account prior to the lesson commencing.

Cancellations – We require a minimum of 48 hours notice if students wish to cancel a booked lesson and a minimum of 14 days notice if students want to cancel an intensive or semi-intensive booking. Skills4Driving reserves the right to charge the lesson/course fee if the correct notice periods are not given and if the cancellation will result in loss of earnings. (Excludes mitigating circumstances).

Appointments – Every care will be taken to ensure that students receive their training at the agreed time, but all bookings are taken on the understanding that Skills4Driving is not responsible for postponement of training due to exceptional traffic conditions, adverse weather, breakdown of the vehicle or equipment or any other reason beyond our control. If an advanced booking is made and paid for, there may be occasions that this agreed time would need to be altered to allow for another student’s test, where this happens as much notice will be given as possible.

Should, at the start of a lesson, the instructor feel that student is unfit to proceed with the lesson safely (for example but not limited to; alcohol, drugs, lack of sleep etc) a cancellation will apply.

Likewise if a student fails to follow instructions during the course of a lesson, which could be considered dangerous, the lesson will be stopped and charged and the full rate.

Training materials – All books, CD ROMs and any other training material will remain the property of Skills4Driving Ltd. If not returned on request, a fee will be charged. Students would be expected to do some study of these materials outside of the lesson time, but some time may be used during a lesson to discuss progress and look at lesson plans etc.

Mobile phones – All students should ensure that mobile phones are switched off, prior to entering the vehicle, for safety reasons. Our instructor’s will not use a mobile phone whilst the vehicle is moving on a driving lesson.

Driving test – If the instructor believes that the student has not reached the required standard for a test, he has the right to refuse the use of the driving school’s vehicle for the test. A student need to pass at least one mock test before being allowed to use the driving school car for official driving test. Skills4Driving cannot be held responsible for any postponements or cancellations of the test by the DVSA. All lights etc will be checked with the candidate at the test centre prior to the DVSA test but we are not responsible for any failure of light bulbs etc during or before the test.

Personal Property – Skills4Driving Ltd accepts no liability for personal property that is left in any driving school vehicle.

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